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Top 10 Creative Instagram Stories Ideas for your Business in 2020 - story for instagram

  Instagram Stories are kind of a big deal, but sometimes it's just so hard to come up with ideas that are interesting and engaging to post every single day, right? Wrong, in this video I'm gonna share with you 10 ideas for Instagram Stories that's gonna get you excited and motivated to start posting every single day. 

I am a brand and content strategist and love helping small businesses like yours build their Brand Story online. So if you've got an Instagram for business account set up but you're not in Stories yet, you need to be. Right now, you need to be on Stories. Why? 

Because out of 1 billion people that use Instagram, 500 million of them are using Instagram Stories. Brands are starting to notice a shifting engagement from the feed to Instagram Stories and this is a place where people are loving to engage with brands on a much more personal level. 

But getting on Stories every single day can be a bit daunting, right? Whether it's just ideas you don't know where to even start or whether it's the confidence of showing your pretty face on the screen. I totally feel you, but that's why in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you 10 ideas that you can start using for your business to help you get more engagement on Instagram and we know what that means. 

1. Show Up Consistently for Grow Instagram 

So, idea one is to show up consistently and what I mean by this is not just posting four different things in one hour of the day every other day or once a week. It's about coming on every single day and posting throughout the day and spreading out those posts. So why this is important is because as you can see up here these are brands and people that have, that I follow, that have posted Instagram Stories and the ones that are coming up first are the ones that have posted the most recent Story. So, you wanna keep getting pushed to the front of your followers' Stories every single day. 

2. Get Your Face on the Screen on Instagram Video

Idea two is to get your face on the screen. Because people connect with people. So if you're not feeling confident getting in front of the screen, you just need to add a filter, because who doesn't love a cute little cat filter or something that's a little bit different and quirky, breaks up the Stories that people are watching because it just adds a little bit of fun and I think it really creates a connection as well to see your face and see you talking to the camera. (making kissing sound) 

3. Add Captions to Your Instagram Story Videos

idea number three is to add captions to your videos.So I'm just recording a video now, but as you can see, I'm talking, but when it's playing back, people can't -- if people aren't using audio, they're not gonna get your message. So all you need to do is start writing what you're saying. I am talking about Instagram Stories, but actually saying a word for word what you're actually saying. I just can't listen to this while being on here. And then just pop it down here. 

So if someone wants to actually engage with your post, if they're wanting to see what you're saying, but they're not wanting to listen, then they're gonna get all the value out of it. 

4. Use Polls on Instagram

Idea number four is to use polls. So, say I've got this photo of me and my little puppy. I wanna add a poll, so I click on the poll and say isn't she the cutest? Now, I'd hope everyone said yes and they didn't say no, but you can change these as well and go, cutest puppy, puppy or Nah, mine's cuter. Oops. Cuter, Coop. Okay, so then I just post that. 

So, the benefit of doing this, is it's a really easy way for people to engage with you and once they start engaging with you, Instagram starts to see that they're interested in your content, and they're gonna be more likely to show your content more regularly to them. 

5. Use a Question in Instagram Story

Idea number five is to use a question. So, just staying in the same photo, say a question might be what's your favorite animal? Now while this isn't actually related to my product or service, I'm a marketing consultant, but it is a nice way to just create a bit of personality and start sharing those comments that come through. But I could also just ask something like, what's your biggest struggle on Insta? If I'm wanting to do a little bit of market research as well so it's a nice way to do that. 

6. Use Sliders in Your Instagram Story

Idea number six is to use sliders. So just staying on the same photo, we can use a slider. So, isn't she the cutest? And then we just put it here. But did you know that you can actually change this emoji? So, just need to hold on the emoji and then scroll on through. So, say I want a puppy one, there we go, there we go. Easy, right? Another way for your audience to start engaging with you so so simple. 

7. Use Your Highlights in Your Instagram Story

Idea number seven is to use your highlights. So, in my profile, I have a few different highlights that I wanna share with my audience. If you're just starting out, I'd highly recommend you just stick to your four to six content pillars and then go from there, because you could make this way too complicated and started grouping things that aren't necessary. 

A lot of people do like to use little images or things like that, or icons on their highlights, I don't, I like to use my brand colors just to keep it simple. But how you add a highlight is, you can just -- create a highlight and then go into Archive, so it doesn't even have to be stuff that's straightaway, so say this one was a client meeting, I could just click that there and then it shows up in my highlight. 

8. Use a Solid Color for Writing Text for Instagram Story

Idea number eight is to use a solid color and then add text. So you may have seen people do this and be like, how are people even doing this? 

So all you need to do is take a photo of something completely random, oh great screenshot of myself and then click on the pin icon and make sure it's on the first pin icon and say I'm wanna make it pink, I just hold down on the photo and there you go. So I'll show you that again. So, literally hold down on the photo and it goes pink. Pretty cool, huh? So, then I can start writing whatever I want to write, Happy Monday! What have you got planned? Whatever. Cool, easy, right? 

9. Use Screen Recordings for Instagram Story

Idea number nine is to use Screen Recordings. So this might be to show people something on your website or show a process that is taking place on your phone. So if it's a tutorial or something like that. 

So all these videos that I'm showing you here are actually screen recordings, so I'll show you how to do that now. All you need to do it scroll up. This is on an iPhone obviously, so I'm not sure about other phones, scroll up and then press this little dot. And it says three, two, one, make sure you close that before it goes live and then that red bar across there means that it's recording. 

Cool, so just stop, so I can scroll through here and go oh, look. It's not gonna record my voice, but it could record something like, say I've got words that are saying scroll through your feed to find inspiration whatever, then yeah, that's all it needs to be and then click on that and then stop. Cool, right? 

So, then when you go into your Stories, you can just click on that Story and it will show you scrolling through. Cool, huh? And then it will break it into multiple Stories if it's the case, but what I would recommend you do is write what you're actually trying to explain people to do, or people to get from the videos, so scroll through your feed for insta. See, that's the tip I'm giving people. Coom and there we go. Easy. 

10. Share The Love in Instagram Story

And number 10 is to share the love. And why this is so important is because if you start sharing posts from other people in your community, especially if they have a similar sort of the following account to you, then you are not only creating awesome content for your Instagram Stories, really really simple, but it's creating a relationship, so this person when you tag them in the post, will get notified of that tag. And if you write something cute, like a cute little caption to say what you've got out of this post, they are quite likely to share that with their audience. 


 So then you're actually getting further promotion which is so cool. Plus, it's just building a nice little relationship with people that are in your Niche. So, say I want to share this photo, I just go, you just click on the little plane icon and then go, add post to Story. And that's as easy it is. So I might go, I absolutely love these candles, whatever, something way more interesting than that I think, but you get the gist and then I just make sure I tag them in at, say, Brooklyn, oops. And there we go. 

So, I hope these 10 ideas have inspired you to start using Instagram Stories more for your brand. It's really easy to do and once you start getting on a roll it's gonna become so simple and so second nature to you. 

There are a million and one ways that you can be creating content, but these are just 10 ideas to get you started. So if you want more ideas on what to share on Instagram Stories as well as in your Instagram feed, download my free Brand Story Telling guide which goes through 10 strategies on how you can start sharing that Brand Story that you wanna share with your audience. 

So, if you love this video I would love it if you gave it a thumbs up and make sure you consider subscribing to my channel because I release new videos every single Tuesday on marketing and mindset strategies to help you grow your brand online.  I hope you love this video  I know you're gonna love. So, stay tuned for that one. Until next time.

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