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Grow Your Business Using Facebook Groups - Make Money with Facebook Groups in 2020

Today we're talking about how to use Facebook groups to grow your business specifically when it comes to selling items online. Check it out. Alright. Let's talk about Facebook groups. You may not know how they can be leveraged for your business. 

But there actually several different groups types that you can then use to get to your customers and get them what you have. So, let's talk first about buy-and-sell groups. And I'm going to use an example that I have for you from a yard sale group that I have nearby. Okay, if you look at my screen right here and again, you can open up your own screen and start your own group. In fact, do yourself a favor and pause this video. 


 Start creating a group and then you can change the group type when you get there, okay? And when you get there, come back, hit play, alright? So, I'm going to show you the groups that I have. You know, I'm part of literally hundreds of groups on Facebook. And do I use every single one of them every day? Absolutely not. 

But I am admiring quite a few and they all have their own unique purpose. So, if you go to a group, you actually can see that sometimes you can buy and sell things in the group. Now, I'm showing you one that's an example that I have right here. And in this group, you actually see the option to click Sell Something. 

When you click sell something, you can put the description in you can put the price in, you can even put your zip code in. And if you'll go ahead and blew out the zip code for me, that'd be great. Then you'll describe your item and then you'll add some photos of your item up to 42. 

Now, the question is how do you get this feature in your group? Let me show you. So, I'm going to go back to the groups that I moderate that I am a part of the admin team on. So, if I were to go to my group, and let's say in my groups which you're all welcome to join by the way. I wanted to start actually making products available in this group for people to buy. You know, and people can buy products not directly putting money into the group. 

They would contact you through Facebook Messenger or Venmo or PayPal. However, they want to pay. But if I wanted to change this group to one that could have that option to sell products, here's what I would do. I would go to more and... Alright, so if you want to change the settings on your group or you want to make a group that can you know to advertise and buy and sell and make listings in it, go to your group section and go to a group that you've already created and click this little cog right here. Okay, so we're going to do this for my group. I kind of show you what we're going on here. You're going to edit group settings. When you do that, it's going to bring you into the group, into the settings tab. 

Now, if I want it to go into this group and change the settings, I could pretty much change everything I wanted to in here. When you make any changes at all, please remember to click the Save button right at the bottom. Otherwise, you're going to lose all of your changes and nobody wants that. So, the way to change this group is you check this second row out. It's going to say group type. Now, this group type is currently a steady group. This is a place for everyone on the channel to come in, discuss and see what's working for them to share their business. It's going to be awesome. So, you come in here and you actually click Change. 

Now, this is going to pop up with all these different options. 3 of these options are going to change the nature of your group and add or take away features depending on what you're coming from. So, if you want to change this to a Buy and Sell group, that will add the features to the group. So, for just a moment, let me confirm that for you. And then I'll show you what that looks like. Now, we've changed the group to a buy and sell group. The currency is going to be in USD.

And when you go into the group, remember you're going to click Save whenever you do that. Your changes have been saved. Good. Now, when I go into the discussion of the group, now, they can start selling something. Anyone can sell something inhere, okay? And you can even change the nature of the group back If you want. 

In fact, we're going to go ahead and do that and change it back to a study group. But you can change the admin settings of this group. So, whenever anyone lists something for sale, you can make it so that it passes through you before it gets to the group. That's just in the admin settings, okay? So again, you're going to go back to your group and change your group settings here. I'm going to change it back to a community? 

Change it back to a study group. Save the changes and you are done. Now, remember, if you want to be the admin that verifies every post before it goes out, you're going to click this little box right at the bottom, right above the Save icon that says "All group story posts must be approved by an admin or a moderator." This is really really smart if you're a business owner and you just want your products to be sold in the group. You don't want to make the product everyone able to pitch their products in your group.Alright. So, anyone can discuss in the group but you're the only one that can make it for sale posts. Or you can verify other people making sales posts, okay? So again, remember to hit save, and then you'll have the option to buy and sell in the group. 

Now, one of the cool things that Facebook is doing all the time they're always updating their interface. Love it or hate it, they're always doing it. When you list something for sale in the group, what they've done is make that listing available through messenger. So, if you have someone that's interested in whatever the seller is selling, they can type in I'm interested or they can message the seller directly even if they're not friends and that sellers gonna get notified that the customer is interested in their item. Same thing for you. Your customer is going to be able to message you directly to buy your items. So again, very simple, very straightforward. Just through your settings in your group app. Let's get this thing rolling. 

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